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About engineering timelines
Engineering timelines is an organisation with one main aim ... to celebrate the engineering heritage that shapes the British Isles and beyond. It was the idea of structural engineer Mark Whitby, conceived in the early days of the Web. He was struck by the possibilities a website could offer for uncovering historical and geographical connections and coincidences in the story of a profession — engineering.
The site was conceived as a means to link the engineering works that surround us today with the past out of which they were born. It continues to be developed as a research tool for students and enthusiasts alike, with the support of professional institutions, engineering practices and individual donors.
Engineering timelines is a not for profit organization and a registered charity.
The engineering timelines newsletter was distributed by email bimonthly. Unfortunately, it is now longer in production. If you were a subscriber, you will have been automatically unsubscribed from the mailing process, so no action is needed. Read our privacy and data policy here. You can contact us at engineering-timelines@severalworld.co.uk
Would you like to contribute engineering information or photos?
We accept submissions for inclusion, subject to editorial control.
Contact us by email at engineering-timelines@severalworld.co.uk
Noticed an error?
Please let us know ... contact us by email at engineering-timelines@severalworld.co.uk
Research team
Site content is largely developed through the efforts of a core dedicated research team plus a number of occasional contributors. Credits are shown at the start of main articles. For database entries, we use a code to indicate which researcher(s) were involved, and these appear at the foot of entries. Recent contributers include ....
Fay Bound Alberti ... FBA
John Biscoe ... JB
Mike Chrimes ... MC
Nigel Dale ... ND
Leonie Gombrich ... LG
Prof. Frank A.J.L. James ... FJ
Jane Joyce ... JJ
Eleanor Knowles ... ECPK
Dr. Robert C. McWilliam ... RM
Adam Manolson ... AM
William Mehlman ... WM
Andy Rose ... AR
Clare Sims ... CS
Peter Skelton ... PS
Paul Steen ... PSt
Mary Wessel ... MGW
Photography and illustration
Julian Evans, Jane Joyce, Eleanor Knowles, Chris Morris, Trevor Page, Paul Steen, Paul Weston
We have taken every reasonable effort to ensure that the material on this site is as accurate as possible and that all sources have been fully acknowledged. If we have omitted a reference or credited one incorrectly, please do let us know and we will amend it accordingly. Concerning the photographs, copyright remains with the photographer or collection mentioned in the data.
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