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Exploring electricity
Imagine a world without electricity ... no phones, no computers, no lights, no fridges.
It's pretty hard — electricity underpins almost everything we do. But, from the small diesel generator to the giant nuclear power station, the underlying principles are remarkably straightforward.
Read about ... early discoveries that happened right here in the UK, the struggle to harness electricity for public use, what happens when you turn on your kettle ... and much, much more.
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Welcome to the exciting world of electricity.
Electricity might seem a rather technical subject to get excited about. However, scratch the surface and you find an absorbing story that touches most aspects of our lives. In Michael Faraday, the UK has not only a founding father of electrical engineering but a fascinating man of 19th century science.
To help you find your way around, we have pulled together below all the interlocking topics and links on this site into broad subject areas .....
History of electricity
Electricity explained
Michael Faraday and electricity
Public supply

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