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How to  build Stonehenge
How to  fly
How to  make electricity
How do they work?  photovoltaic cells
How to  turn waste to energy
How do they work?  wind turbines
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How to fly
The equations of flight
Just how does a plane stay in the air?
And if I want to build a human-powered flying machine, how big do the wings need to be? Well, read on ...
How to make electricity
Faraday was one of the founding fathers of electrical engineering.
He discovered the principle of the electric motor and invented the transformer and the generator. His work underpins our modern world ...
How wind turbines work
Wind turbines
What's going on inside a wind turbine?
And how does it generate electricity? Find out in this video
How to turn waste to energy
Waste to energy
A visit to a waste-to-energy plant in North London
We've added some animation that explains the workings of the process of generating electricity from rubbish ... video
How a photovoltaic cell works
How does a photovoltaic cell convert sunlight to electricity?
Using only our hands, a pen and paper, and the odd piece of toast, all is explained! ... video
How to build Stonehenge
Stonehenge experiment
How do you raise a 40 tonne stone using only manpower?
Practical experiments show that it's possible. More ...
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