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Wind turbines
In 2010, engineering timelines was funded
to prepare a series of videos explaining aspects of power generation.
In this video, we explain the workings of a wind turbine. There have been many advances in the technology since then. However, the basic principles still apply.
We are endebted to the R&D Panel of the ICE for the funding, and to Ramboll UK and Element Energy for additional support.
This feature is sponsored by
the R&D Panel of the
Institution of Civil Engineers
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How do wind turbines work?
video by engineering timelines
Did you know that ...
The UK currently (2016) has the largest offshore wind farm in the world ...
The London Array in the Thames estuary covers 100 sq km with a grid of 175 turbines. Its total output for 2015 was 2.5TWh, or enough to meet the energy needs of more than 600,000 British households, saving 1.075 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.
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About the video
This video was scripted, shot and edited by engineering timelines, with advice from energy engineers. The drawings are by Paul Weston, and the voiceover by Clare Sims.
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