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Birthplace of William Jessop
Devonport, Plymouth, Devon
associated engineer
William Jessop
date  1745
era  Georgian  |  category  Birthplace of Engineer  |  reference  SX448560
Born near Plymouth, William Jessop was brought up by his guardian, John Smeaton, after the death of his own father. When Smeaton retired, Jessop assumed his mantel.
William was the son of a carpenter and shipwright, Josias. His father worked as Smeaton's right hand in the construction of Eddystone Lighthouse and the two became firm friends. When Josias died in 1761, two years after the completion of Eddystone, he left the guardianship of "Billy" to Smeaton, who took the young Jessop on as his pupil.
Moving north, Jessop eventually became Smeaton's assistant and deputy until the older man's retirement.
One of the most modest and self-effacing of the significant figures in civil engineering history, in his day Jessop nonetheless commanded the highest fees in his profession.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Birthplace of William Jessop