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Home of William Jessop
Butterley Hall, Butterley, Derbyshire
associated engineer
William Jessop
date  1814
era  Georgian  |  category  Home of Engineer  |  reference  SK404512
William Jessop lived at Butterley Hall and eventually died there on 18th November 1814 after suffering from creeping paralysis for some years. His career began in the age of canals and ended in the era of the railways.
Jessop's professional achievements — the pupil of John Smeaton, at the peak of his career he was the highest paid engineer in Britain — were rivalled only by his reputation as a man.
Modest and self-effacing, Jessop commanded enormous respect and affection in his day and, 30 years after his death, S. Hughs wrote that, "There are many veterans still living who, having been engaged on Jessop's great works in England and Ireland, have not ceased to regard him with a kind of religious awe."
In the history of civil engineering, he can be seen as straddling the overlap between the eras of the canals and the railways for, although more firmly in the former, he saw no reason to resist the latter in the name of his past achievements.
Butterley Hall is now the headquarters of the Derbyshire Constabulary. The building dates from the 18th century.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Home of William Jessop