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Wakefield New Bridge
River Calder, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Wakefield New Bridge
associated engineer
Sir Owen Williams
date  1929 - 1930
UK era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SE336201
photo  Mark Whitby
Located between a low dam in the River Calder and the medieval Wakefield Bridge, the new road bridge at Wakefield needed to provide as wide an opening as possible and minimum obstruction during times of flood.
In the background of the picture can be seen the 1848 reconstruction of the medieval Chantry Chapel of St Mary that is built into the eastern end of the mid 14th century bridge the new replaces.
The new bridge is made of reinforced concrete and sits on narrow piers placed in line with those of the medieval bridge. Pairs of piers support the span between them plus a stretch of cantilevered span each side. Slab construction infills bridge the gaps between the abutments and the cantilevers (34ft or so) and the gap in the middle of the bridge (58ft).
Consultant architect: Maxwell Ayrton
Construction: Norwest Construction Co Ltd
reference sources   OWBB

Wakefield New Bridge