Anthony Hunt
born  22nd June 1932 in Streatham Hill, London
era  Modern
Written by Nigel Dale, edited by Jane Joyce
Anthony Hunt's career spans six decades of British architecture. From when he first began to practice as a structural engineer in the 1950s until he retired in 2002, he worked with nearly all the acclaimed British architects of the time.
He is perhaps best known for devising clever solutions for the system-built prefabricated buildings popular in the 60s and 70s. His genius lay in how he re-imagined the possibilities of industrial design. He envisaged structures as being composed of batch-produced components — a system similar to the approach used in furniture manufacture but taken to a larger scale.
Owen WIlliams, Ove Arup (1895-1988) and Felix Samuely (1902-59) were first in a line of engineers working in Britain who adopted a bi-disciplinary approach to collaboration with architects. Anthony Hunt belongs to the next generation that took this approach, a generation that includes Frank Newby (1926-2001), Edmund Happold (1930-96) and Peter Rice (1935-92).
Rather than styling himself an architect-engineer of the old school, Hunt strove to apply his insight in the service of the architectural visionaries of his day. His fluency with industrialised production and his capacity to produce highly engineered components that delivered sound structural results contributed to the brisk clarity of the High Tech, Modern and Post Modern movements in this country.
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Anthony Hunt
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image courtesy Anthony Hunt
Illustration of the biome structures for the Eden Project (1998-2001).
Architect: Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners (now Grimshaw)
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