Anthony Hunt
Selected works
1951 Anthony Hunt joins FJ Samuely & Partners
1959 Cantu Furniture Design competition, honorable mention
1959 Hunt joins Terrence Conran's firm
1960-62 Hunt joins Hancock Associates
1960 Synagogue roof, Carmel College, Oxfordshire
1962 Anthony Hunt Associates formed
1964 Creak Vean house
1966 Murray Mews houses, London
1967 Reliance Controls factory, Swindon
1967 Newport High School, Gwent (competition entry)
1968 Zip-up house project
1968 Rogers house, London
1968 Spender house, Essex
1971 Fred Olsen shipping line passenger terminal and HQ, Millwall
1971 Aram Standardised Hospital Module
1971 IBM Pilot Head Office, Cosham
1972 Aybrook Street extension, London
1973 Modern Art Glass building
1973 Newport High School, Gwent (construction)
1973 Sapa factory, Tibshelf
1973 Sobell Pavilions, London
1974 MAG warehouse and showrooms, Thamesmead
1974 Universal Oil Products
1975 Willis Faber Dumas building
1975-76 Hopkins house
1978 Alexandra Road housing, London
1978 Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, phase 1
1979-81 Racking Plant, Greene King Brewery
1980-82 Patera relocatable building
1981 Timber dome, Crestone, Colorado, USA
1982 Inmos Microprocessor Factory
1982-85 Schlumberger Research Centre
1983 Halley Base, British Antartic Survey, Antarctica
1986 Armada Machine Tools factory, Kidderminster
1989 Heathrow Terminal 5 competition entry
late '80s YRM Anthony Hunt Associates formed
1991 Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield
1991 Sackler Galleries, Royal Academy of Arts
1991-93 Waterloo International Terminal
1993 International Conference Centre (CCIP), Paris (not built)
1993-97 Galpharm Stadium (Alfred McAlpine Stadium)
1997 YRM Anthony Hunt Associates disbands
1997 Stuttgart 21 Hauptbahnhoff competition
1998 Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
2000 National Botanic Garden of Wales, Camarthenshire
1998-2001 The Eden Project
2002 Anthony Hunt retires
Key people
Early years
Anthony Hunt, Consulting Engineer
Leslie Stebbings, Frazer Glegg, Brian Forster, John Austin
Laurie Fogg, David Hemmings, David Tasker, Richard Clack, John Carter
Anthony Hunt Associates
Anthony Hunt, David Hemmings, John Austin, Brian Humphrey (accountant)
Associates ... Brian Forster, Merlin Saunders, Laurie Fogg, Alan Jones, Allan Bernau, Alan Stone, Anthony Wootley
YRM Anthony Hunt Associates
Anthony Hunt (plc director) David Hemmings, John Austin, Bjorn Watson, Merlin Saunders, Alan Jones Allan Bernau
Associates ... Stephen Morley, Neil Thomas, Bob Barton, Les Postawa, Matthew Wells, David Hamilton, Nick Green (London and Paris)
And ... Barry Dooley (Paris), Hanif Kara, Albert Williamson-Taylor, Robin Adams, Mike Purvis
Post YRM
Directors ... Anthony Hunt, David Hemmings, Alan Jones, Allan Bernau, Les Postawa, Bjorn Watson
Associates ... David Hamilton, Martin Jones, Mike Purvis, Gerry Trotter
Key secretaries
Liz Baker, Chris Herring, Joan Freeman
All items by Anthony Hunt
All items by Anthony Hunt Associates
All items by YRM Anthony Hunt Associates
Everything built ... 1932 - 2008
references  interview with Anthony Hunt, correspondance with Anthony Hunt
photo  courtesy Anthony Hunt

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Anthony Hunt
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image courtesy Anthony Hunt
Reliance Controls factory
Architect: Team 4
image courtesy Anthony Hunt
IBM Support centre, Greenford
Architect: Foster Associates
image courtesy Anthony Hunt
Timber dome, Crestone
Architect: Keith Critchlow
image courtesy Anthony Hunt
Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts
Architect: Foster Associates
image courtesy Anthony Hunt
Inmos Microprocessor Factory
Architect: Richard Rogers & Partners
image courtesy Anthony Hunt
Don Valley Stadium
Architect: Sheffield City Council
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