Guy Maunsell
Selected works
1907 Assistant engineer for the Swiss firm of Adrien Palaz
1908-9 Returns to UK as agent for contractor D.G. Somerville & Co
1909-14 Assistant engineer then sub-agent for contractor Easton Gibb & Sons Ltd, on Rosyth Royal Naval Dockyard
1914-7 Chief agent for contractor R. Thorburn & Sonss, working on ordnance factories at Ardeer, Scotland, and Pembrey, Wales
1917 Joins the Royal Engineers as a commissioned officer, serves in France
1918 Seconded for duty from the Army to Mr John ver Mehr as chief engineer
1918-9 Works on Shoreham 'Creteships' and shipyard for ver Mehr, also 'mystery' towers for the government (see Nab Tower)
1919-21 Deputy chief engineer to Sir Alexander Gibb at the Ministry of Transport
1919 Channel Tunnel proposal ... for Ministry of Transport
1919 Severn Barrage proposal ... for Ministry of Transport
1923-4 Joins Alexander Gibb & Partners as special assistant, works on extensions to Ipswich Wet Dock and Cliff Quay, Poole Harbour, etc
1924-7 Engineer and agent for Sir William Arrol & Co, working on Lanark Hydroelectric Scheme
1928-30 Private practice, working in association with Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, including steelwork design for Kincardine Bridge (built 1932-6, demolished)
1931-4 Agent for contractor Dorman Long & Co., working on widening of Bazalgette's Putney Bridge (1886)
1934-5 Managing Director of Anglo-Danish Construction Company, working on StorstrÝm Bridge, Denmark, designed by Anker Engelund
1935 Rejoins Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners
1936 Sets up G. Maunsell Consulting Engineer
1938-40 Works on restoration of Telford's Menai Suspension Bridge ... with Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners
1939-45 During World War II, designs floating concrete structures of all types
1939 Submersible observation post proposal
1940 Proposals for sea fortresses and floating harbours
1941-2 Navy Sea Forts, Thames Estuary ... HM Forts Roughs Tower, Sunk Head Tower, Tongue Sands, Knock John
1941-3 Army Sea Forts, Mersey Estuary ... three, demolished after 1946
1942-3 Army Sea Forts, Thames Estuary ... HM Forts Nore, Red Sands, Shivering Sands
1943 Floating concrete docks ... built at Red Lion Wharf and Bromborough
1944 John Posford joins Maunsell as partner, G.A. Maunsell & Partner formed
1946 Richard Pavry joins G.A. Maunsell & Partner as a partner, G.A. Maunsell & Partners formed
1946 Maunsell wins ICE Coopers Hill War Memorial Prize and ICE Telford Premium for his paper on the Menai Bridge reconstruction
1949 Firm re-named Maunsell, Posford & Pavry
1951 Maunsell delivers the ICE's James Forrest lecture
1952 John Baxter joins as partners
1952 Baghdad office established
1952-5 Daura Oil Refinery, Baghdad ... with Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners
1954-5 Floating sea boring units ... for National Coal Board, contractor Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd
1955 Firm splits to form G. Maunsell & Partners and Posford Pavry & Partners
1955-9 Narrows Bridge, Perth, Western Australia ... architect: William Holford & Partners, pre-stressing engineer: E.W.H. Gifford, contractor: Christiani & Nielsen and J.O. Clough & Son
1957 John Baxter appointed managing partner
1957 Miles Birkett in charge of Australian office, opened in June
1958 Oyster Creek Bridge, Gambia
1959 Maunsell retires
1959-62 Hammersmith Flyover ... with London County Council's architect Hubert Bennett and chief engineer Joseph Rawlinson, contractor: Marples, Ridgway & Partners Ltd
1959-64 Gladesville Bridge ... design consultant: Eugène Freyssinet, contractor: Reed & Mallik Ltd and Stuart Brothers
1960-64 Tasman Bridge, Hobart ... contractor: Reed, Braithwaite, Stuart & Lipscombe
1961 June 20th Guy Anson Maunsell dies
(key Maunsell staff in brackets)
1962-4 King's Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue Bridges, Canberra ... architect: William Holford & Partners
1963-7 Mancunian Way, Manchester ... (David Lee) with city engineer J. Hayes
1966-8 Batman Bridge, Tasmania ... contractor: Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Co. Ltd
1966-70 Westway ... (John Baxter) architect: William Holford & Partners, contractor: John Laing Construction Ltd
1967-70 Westgate Bridge, Melbourne ... with Freeman Fox & Partners
1973 Sha Tin New Town, Hong Kong ... (Peter Gray and Francis Bong)
1975 Adhamiyah Bridge, Baghdad ... (Shakir Al-Kubaisi) contractor: Marubeni Corporation
1975-7 Tasman Bridge widening ... contractor: John Holland
1984 Second Severn Crossing, feasibility studies ... with W.S. Atkins
1984 Second Severn Crossing ... as agent for the government, contractor: Laing-GTM
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Everything built ... 1884 - 1961
portrait of Guy Maunsell  courtesy AECOM

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Guy Maunsell
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