George Sorocold
Selected works
1687 Bell re-hanging, All Saint's Church, Derby (now Derby Cathedral)
1692 Derby Waterworks
1693 Water storage cistern, Macclesfield
1694 Leeds Waterworks and Great Yarmouth Waterworks
1694 Survey work, Yorkshire Derwent Navigation
c.1694-7 Portsmouth Waterworks
1694-1700 Norwich Waterworks
1695 Exeter Waterworks
1696 Marchant's Waterworks, Northumberland Street, Westminster, London ... with John Hadley
1696 Wirksworth Waterworks and Bristol Waterworks
1696-1703 Engine house and fountains, Sprotbrough Hall (now demolished), near Doncaster
1698 Kings Lynn Waterworks, Norfolk
1699 Further survey work, Yorkshire Derwent Navigation
c.1700 Street lighting, Norwich ... with Richard Barry
1702 Bell works, St Mary's Church, Wirksworth, Derbyshire
1702 Further survey work and lock design and positioning, Yorkshire Derwent Navigation
1702-3 Planning work for Derbyshire Derwent Navigation
1702-4 Waterworks, Old London Bridge, London
1703 Patent, granted 1st January, for an invention that cut timber and stone and twisted rope and cables, presumably water-powered
1703 Fountain works, Melbourne Hall, Derbyshire
1704 Water power supply for Cotchett's Mill, Derby
1705-6 Bridgnorth Waterworks, Shropshire
c.1707-8 Windmill, Waterworks and reservoir, New River, Islington, London
c.1708-10 Survey work and early design for Liverpool Old Dock, eventually constructed (1709-15) by Thomas Steers ... with Henry Huss
1710 Gartmorn Dam feeder works and mine drainage advice, Alloa, Scotland
1714 Survey work, in Scotland for a progenitor of the Forth & Clyde Canal ... with John Adair
c.1717 Further planning work for Derbyshire Derwent Navigation ... construction began in 1720 but with no mention of Sorocold
All items by George Sorocold  •  Everything built ... 1658 - 1738
main reference  BDCE1
Sorocold's signature  image courtesy William Salt Library, Stafford

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George Sorocold
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