Thomas Telford
born  9th August 1757, Glendinning (farm), Westerkirk, Dumfriesshire
died  2nd September 1834, 24 Abingdon Street, London
buried  Westminster Abbey (beside Robert Stephenson)
era  Georgian
Written by Mary Wessel, edited by Jane Joyce
Thomas Telford, first president of the UK's Institution of Civil Engineers, worked on a dizzying and diverse number of projects throughout his lifetime. He is considered to be one of the great civil engineers of all time.
His astonishing output ranged from dockyards to fen drainage, road construction to iron bridge building. Telford worked right into his final years and never tired of taking on new engineering challenges.
Born into a poor rural community, Telford maintained links to his native Scotland, both personally and professionally. He transformed the communication networks across the Scottish highlands. An affable personality, he didn't marry but did develop lifelong friendships, and became a trusted and inspirational mentor to the next generation of young engineers.
All items by Thomas Telford  •  Everything built ... 1757 - 1834
references  BDCE1, DNB, TT
painting of Brunel  courtesy Institution of Civil Engineers

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Thomas Telford
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