Owen Williams
Selected works
1911-12 Assistant engineer (under R.W. Vawdrey),
Indented Bar & Concrete Engineering Company

1912-13 Senior designer, then chief estimating engineer for Trussed Concrete Steel Company ... principal project : Gramophone Company Building
1913-14 Resident engineer for Trussed Concrete Steel Company at
Patent Fuel Works, Swansea Docks
1914-16 Chief estimating engineer, Trussed Concrete Steel Company
1916-17 Assistant aeroplane designer, Wells Aviation
1917-18 Various ships and slipways, Poole, Dorset
1919 Williams Concrete Structures Ltd launched by Owen Williams
1919-22 Various projects using 'Fabricrete'
including ...
• T. Wallis & Sons factory and power station, Acton, London
• Henry Boston & Sons tannery, Runcorn, Cheshire
• Patent Fuel Factory, Port Talbot, West Glamorgan
• British Window Glass Works, Queensborough, Cheshire
• Blackstones Tractor Factory, Stamford, London
• Ice factory, Grimsby, Humberside
• Mappin & Webb factory, Sheffield
• Fuel stages, Swansea
• Fairie & Company Sugar Refinery, Liverpool
• Bush House foundations, Aldwych, London
THE 1920s
1921-24 British Empire Exhibition buildings [ British Empire Exhibition site ]
architect: Maxwell Aryton
1921-24 Wembley Stadium ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1924-25 Lea Valley Viaduct and Bridge ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1924-25 Parc des Attractions, Paris
1924-26 Findhorn Bridge ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1924-27 Road Bridge, Shepherd Leys Wood
1924-29 Bournemouth Pavilion ... architect: Home & Knight
1925-26 Spey Bridge, Newtonmore ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1925-26 Crubenmore and Loch Alvie Bridges ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1925-26 Duntocher Bridge ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1925-26 Belfast Water Tower, Northern Ireland
1925-28 Wansford Bridge ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1926-28 Dalnamein Bridge ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1926-28 Carr Bridge ... (demolished) architect: Maxwell Aryton
1926-28 Lochy Bridge ... architect: Maxwell Aryton
1927-28 Brora Bridge
1927-30 Montrose Bridge
1928-29 Pont-Rhyd-Owen Bridge
1928-30 Wadham Road Viaduct
1928-30 Harnham Bridge, Wiltshire
1928-30 Steyning Farm, Sussex
1928-30 Pilkington's Warehouse, London
1929-30 The Dorchester Hotel proposal
1929-31 Wakefield Bridge
1929-31 Llechryd Bridge proposal
1929-31 Daily Express, London ... architect: H.O. Ellis & Clarke
THE 1930s
1930-32 Boots Packed Wet Goods Factory
1931-33 Sainsburys Factory and warehouse, London (very early poured concrete, dem. 2016)
1932 Waterloo Bridge proposal
1932-33 Tunnel Cement Reinforced Concrete Laboratory
1932-34 Cumberland Garage and Car Park
1933-34 Empire Pool, Wembley
1933-35 Pioneer Health Centre, London
1933-36 Residential flats, Stanmore
c.1934 Westcliff-on-sea Pavilion proposal
c.1935 Empire Hall proposal
1935-37 Provincial Newspaper office, London
1935-38 Boots Factory extensions
1935-38 Oldhams Printing Works
1935-39 Daily Express, Manchester
1936-37 Lilley & Skinner office and warehouse extension
1936-38 Dollis Hill Synagogue
1936-39 Scottish Daily Express, Glasgow
1937-38 Removable restaurant ... opposite Wembley Stadium
1937-39 Hunt Partners extension
1937-39 Tunnel Cement Laboratory and offices
1938-39 Daily News Garage, London
1938-39 Evening Standard renovation and extension
1938-39 Proposed house at Churt
1939 Thomas S. Vandy joins Owen Williams as partner
1939-41 Vickers-Armstrong Aircraft Factory
completed by Oscar Faber & Partners
THE 1940s
1940s Firm expands and becomes Sir Owen Williams & Partners
1940-43 Concrete ships, various
1944-45 Wilvan Houses
1944-45 Mobile home
1945 Owen Williams' son, Owen Tudor Williams, joins as partner
1945-67 Newport By-pass (present-day M4)
1947-48 1948 Olympics (technical advice)
THE 1950s AND 60s
1950-55 BOAC Maintenance Headquarters, Heathrow
1950-55 Grosvenor Square car park proposal
1951-59 M1 Motorway phase one
[ M1 Motorway, earliest section, northern end ]
[ M1 Motorway standardised bridges ]
1953-66 Port Talbot By-pass
1954-56 BOAC Wing Hangars, Heathrow
1955-61 Daily Mirror Building
1956-67 M1 Motorway phase two
1958-71 Midlands links motorway
1959-60 Daily Express extension, Manchester
1960 Channel Bridge proposal
c.1960 Tiered motorway viaduct proposal
1966 Sir Owen Williams retires as Managing Partner
of Sir Owen Williams & Partners, though remains a partner
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references  OWW, OW, DNB
williams photo  Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc

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Sir Owen Williams
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image courtesy Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc
Findhorn Bridge
image courtesy Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc
Crubenmore Bridge
image courtesy Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc
Montrose Bridge
image courtesy Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc
Empire Pool, Wembley
image courtesy Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc
Pioneer Health Centre pool
image courtesy Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc
BOAC Maintenance Headquarters
image courtesy Owen Williams archive, part of Amey plc
Channel Bridge proposal
All images courtesy Owen Williams archive
part of Amey plc
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