Oscar Faber
Selected works
1906 Assistant Engineer at Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd (now part of Blue Circle Industries)
1906-07 Works on Swanscombe Jetty, design with Charles Percy Taylor, also Resident Engineer
1909 Working for the Indented Bar & Concrete Engineering Co., Assistant to Robert William Vawdrey
1912 Chief Engineer at George Trollope & Sons and Colls & Sons Ltd (later Trollope & Colls Ltd, now part of Aker Solutions)
OSCAR FABER (the practice)
1921 Sets up Oscar Faber as a consultancy, Stanley (Jim) Vaughan joins as Chief Assistant
1921 Regent Cinema, Brighton
1922 Africa House, London ... architect: Trehearne and Norman
1923 Lord's Cricket Ground second grandstand ... architect: Sir Herbert Baker
1924-27 Shanghai Custom House ... with Jim Vaughan
1924-42 Bank of England rebuilding ... with Jim Vaughan and John Robert (Rob) Kell, architect: Sir Herbert Baker
1925-28 Deep-water jetty at Bevan's Cement Works, Northfleet ... with Jim Vaughan and and Charles Percy Taylor of Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd
1925-28 Royal Horticultural Society Hall ... architect: Easton & Robertson
1927-29 Northolt Park Grandstand ... with Jim Vaughan
1927-45 Durham Castle underpinning
1928 Rhodes House, London ... architect: Sir Herbert Baker
1928-30 India House, London ... architect: Sir Herbert Baker
1931-33 Spillers' Mill, Cardiff
1933 South Africa House, London
1933 Worthing Town Hall ... architect: Charles Cowles-Voysey
c1934-35 Spillers' Mill, Avonmouth
c1935 Pirelli Factory, Southampton
1935 National Fertilisers' Bulk Storage, Avonmouth
1935-37 Services engineering for Earls Court Exhibition Centre ... architect: C. Howard Crane
1936 Harringay Arena, London
1936-37 Queens Hotel, Leeds
1936-37 Spillers' Tyne Mill
1937 Nine Elms Warehouse, London
1937-39 Watford Town Hall ... architect: Charles Cowles-Voysey
1937-40 Shotton Rolling Mill, Deeside
1939 Guildhall, Cambridge ... architect: Charles Cowles-Voysey
1943-44 Phoenix Caissons, Mulberry Harbours
1948-50 House of Commons rebuilding, London ... architect: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott
1948 Partnership Deed signed 19th March, six partners in total (Oscar Faber, John Faber, Jim Vaughan, Rob Kell, K. Montgomery-Smith and Bob Glover)
1948 Shoreham Cement Works, West Sussex
1948 University College of the Gold Coast (now Ghana) ... architect: Harrison Barnes & Hubbard
1949 Altnagelvin Hospital, Londonderry
1949 Leeds University
1951 Belfast University
1952-58 Lloyd's of London building (1958) (demolished) ... architect: Terence Heysham
1954 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Aden
1954-58 Kharkh Hospital, Baghdad ... abandoned following the revolution
1955 Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff
1956 Oscar Faber dies on 7th May
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Everything built ... 1886 - 1956
Portrait  courtesy AECOM

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Oscar Faber
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