Anthony Hunt
Few engineers can claim to have contributed substantially to so many different architectural movements as Anthony Hunt. He worked on hundreds of buildings across a period of history that saw architectural fashion undergo repeated radical changes, from the British Modern Movement through High Tech and Postmodernism, right up to the 2010's trend for super-budget landmark buildings.
His relaxed command of structural analysis, his appreciation of fine detail and his ability to identify and express key components using approporiate technology set him apart from his peers. A lifelong practise of hands-on prototyping and modelmaking were central to Hunt's design excellence, as it had been for figures like Charles Eames and Jean Prouvé. His exquisite detailing and industrialised methods continue to be widely copied.
Hunt lectured regularly in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. He was a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers (and a 1995 Gold Medalist), an Honorary Fellow of the RIBA and held Honorary Doctorates from the Universities of Sheffield (1999) and Leeds (2003), and the Royal College of Art (2012). He was a Visiting Professor at the universities of Pennsylvania, Sheffield and Birmingham, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong and IST Lisbon.
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Anthony Hunt
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